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This service is ideal for a buyer who is comfortable inspecting a vehicle and negotiating a sale price by themselves but isn’t sure what vehicles they should be looking at.

After discussing your vehicular wants and needs our team will get to work finding the top 3 vehicles, we believe you should be considering. We will provide our reasoning behind our suggestions, as well as provide you with 3 listings for each of the suggested vehicles, that we believe to be worth checking out.

Our team has proudly driven every model produced by the major manufacturers since 2010, and as such can confidently direct our customers towards reliable, and financially sound vehicles.

If you purchase a Vehicle Fit Report and then decide you would like our assistance with inspecting and purchasing the vehicle, the Vehicle Fit Report Fee would be deducted from any other consulting work done for you.



This service is ideal for a buyer who wants to skip the hassle and headache of finding, inspecting and negotiating a car deal. We make it easy. Save time, save money, and gain peace of mind knowing you got the right car, for the right price.

After discussing your wants, needs and budget, our team will get to work finding the top 3 vehicles we believe you should be considering. We will provide our reasoning behind our suggestions and get your feedback.

Once we have narrowed down your preferred model choices, our team will get to work pricing out potential vehicles from all available sources. We will also begin the process of getting your current vehicle sold, if you have one.

Once potential vehicles have been found, our team will inspect them using all necessary tools, such as: compression testers, tire and brake depth gauges, OBD II diagnostic scanners and many more.

As a client you are more than welcome to join us for any inspection, and subsequent negotiations, or simply arrive to sign and drive away. We make it simple for you.

Once all of the paperwork is in order for the purchase of the vehicle, we will insure that you are fully confident in the use of all of its features and are aware of the required and suggested maintenance.

We will also assist you in navigating the paperwork required for registering, insuring and plating your vehicle.

* We charge a 100$ retainer fee once we have touched based and figured out how we can best be of assistance. The remaining consulting fee will be collected when you have the keys to your new car *



This service is ideal for someone who isn’t looking for assistance in acquiring another vehicle, but simply wants their current one sold for as much as possible.

We will be sure to get your vehicle sold quickly, and for the most possible. Trading0in to a dealership might be the fastest way to sell your car, but you will often get less than 50% of what it could bring being sold privately. We will    provide with what you can reasonably expect your vehicle to bring, as well as deal with any potential buyer’s questions about your vehicle.

Having a well written and placed ad makes a tremendous amount of difference in the amount and quality of offers you will receive on your vehicle. As such the Automotive Agents will take high-resolution pictures of your vehicle, and post ads on the most appropriate marketplaces on your behalf.

We will also assist you with obtaining the required documentation to sell your vehicle as quickly, and easily as possible.

We serve clients across Ottawa, Kanata, Rockland, Kemptville, Smiths Falls, Nepean, Gatineau, Chelsea, Pontiac, and Shawville.

For Hassle Free Buying and Selling of Cars, GET IN TOUCH WITH OUR AUTO CONSULTANTS IN OTTAWA, ON

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