About Automotive Agents Canada Inc.

Automotive Consulting in Ottawa, Ontario

Automotive Agents Canada Inc. was founded in 2017 with the goal of helping car buyers find the best car, for the best price. We wanted to help Canadians save their time and money, while gaining peace of mind when buying their next vehicle. Unfortunately, the way the automotive sales industry exists today, you need a professional in order to come out with a fair deal. With financing rates at all-time lows, and available term lengths at all-time highs, dealers will do just about anything to sell you a car. At Automotive Agents we put our customers wants, needs and tastes first. We are your personal car dealer. Much like a real estate agent is not tied to a particular home builder, we can help you buy any vehicle, from any location. This is something a regular new or used car dealer cannot do. Best of all we work on a flat fee basis, no fees, no commissions. Your interests are our interests.